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Bex's Story

Bex originally came to me as a face to face client, however due to a busy schedule with work and looking after a little one, it quickly became apparent that online coaching would be more appropriate giving her not just the structure and accountability she needed to reach her goals but the freedom to still live her life.

Bex initially completed the 12 week program to gain invaluable knowledge in all the things required to successfully build a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, before moving on to 121 online coaching.

before fitness

Where did you feel you were before you started to work with me and how did you feel?

I didn't feel confident in my knowledge of food and exercise especially with regard to macros and use of weights. I felt like I wasn't doing the right type of stuff to change myself in the way I wanted too

Where do you feel you are now and how did working with me help this?

The personal online training has helped me to understand what I eat in terms of macros instead of just good vs bad foods. That changed the way I think and I don't punish myself mentally for eating things like cake and pasta now! I'm more confident now attending the gym because I've learnt from online coaching how to use the majority of equipment and how to manage reps and rest times etc.

confident woman

If you were to recommend my services to someone else, what would you tell them?

fitness transformation

Chris is an easy going guy with a wealth of knowledge in nutrition and exercise. I have learnt far more than I thought I would and found that with every session in the gym and every new meal trying to balance those macros I have felt more and more like I am further into the space between where I was and where I want to be. As long as you are in that space you feel good!


It's helpful to have Chris to send you a message each week and encourage you to push further and to feel proud of how far you've come already. The online systems and app are so useful and really easy to use, and really showed me a lot of new movements and how I was eating with regard to macros! I no longer see any food as bad, everything has its nutritional value its not just about hitting the macros!

If you feel you can relate to Bex's journey and would love to achieve similar goals she has, then apply for coaching below


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