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Hannah's Story

I've worked alongside Hannah for a while now. She came to me and stated she wanted to make some changes to her current lifestyle to get fitter and healthier but didn't know where to start. I suggested the best place was the 12 week program, and all I can say is WOW! 

Not only has Hannah smashed the program, whilst still having loads of social events and holidays, but she now has a rock solid mindset to continue and maintain what she has learnt.

before fitness photo

Where did you feel you were before you started to work with me and how did you feel?

Extremely unhealthy, tired all the time and not motivated. I was not comfortable in my own body and did not know how to change or where to even start.

Where do you feel you are now and how did working with me help this?

I am a whole new person not only looks but also how I feel in my self. I am 10 times more confident and have so much more motivation. I needed to know where to start and how to carry on and Chris helped and supported me through this.

Having a weekly check in to make sure that what I was doing was working and there’s nothing extra he can add was amazing. I never felt alone and knew if I was going downhill Chris would motivate me to get back on track.

fitness transformation
fitness transformation

If you were to recommend my services to someone else, what would you tell them?

That Chris helps develop a lifestyle change, this wasn’t just a diet that was a temporary fix.


Due to the changes over a period of time it has allowed me to adapt to a whole new healthy lifestyle so I can easily continue forward after the 12 weeks

If you feel you can relate to Hannah's journey and would love to achieve similar goals she has, then apply for 121 coaching below or click to 12 Week Program


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